Apollo Fillo #7 box 1Lb

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    Each perishable product is wrapped with several ice packs.

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Apollo Fillo #7 box 1Lb is under the category Frozen and is produced by Apollo.

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If you’ve ever had the joy of eating Greek Spanakopita or Baklava, you are familiar with the wonderfully thin sheets of flaky layered dough known as phyllo (or fillo and filo). While the origins of this classic dough date back to Ottoman Era Turkey, the word “phyllo” is derived from the Greek word, which means “leaf.” Apollo Phyllo #7 Is a touch thicker than our Apollo Phylloo #4, making it the ideal dough for most savory and sweet preparations. Think of our phyllo as a blank canvas for your culinary imagination! For an elegant appetizer or family-sized pie, fill our phyllo with butternut squash, kale and goat cheese and top with pine nuts. Wrap cod with spinach, onions, herbs and spices in our phyllo for a quick and sophisticated main course. Use Apollo Phyllo #7 as the base for savory open-faced pie with layered with fresh figs and goat cheese – or tomatoes, feta, olives and onions. Because our phyllo contains no trans fats, saturated fat or cholesterol, it is a healthier alternative to classic pastry or puff pastry doughs. Roll, layer, stuff or ruffle our phyllo with the ingredients of your choosing and you will have the makings of many sophisticated masterpieces!

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