Dari Couscous Whole Wheat 1Kg

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Dari Couscous Whole Wheat 1Kg is under the category Pasta and is produced by Dari.

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Naturally rich in fiber, DARI whole wheat couscous is appreciated for its flavor and its lightness.
It can also be used in all recipes instead of regular durum wheat couscous.

100% Whole wheat semolina (contains gluten)

Typical nutrition values per  100 g 

Energy : 1440 kJ/341 Kcal
Fat : 2,7 g 
Of which saturated  : 0,6 g 
Carbohydrates: 63 g 
 Of which total suger : 3 g 
Fiber : 9,9 g 
Protein : 11,6 g 
Salt : 0.02 g 

Country of Origin:
  • Arabic
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