Marmara Birlik Gemlik Black Olives 3XS Luks 800Gr Can

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Since ancient times, the olive branch has been a symbol of abundance, glory, and peace and  the olive has been used to symbolize wisdom, fertility, power, and purity. After being domesticated olives have become an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine.  Olives are rich in  protein, oil, cellulose, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, chlorine, iron, copper and Vitamins A, C, E.  Olive's caloric value is 224/100gr. 10-25% of the flesh part and 25-50% of the seed part of the olive is olive oil. Marmara Birlik brings this miracle of nature to your tables in a variety of packaging, but with the same high quality standard.

Marmara Birlik
Country of Origin:
  • Turkish

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