Krinos Bulgur #0 (Extra Fine) 1 kg

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Bulgur has been a staple of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines for many millennia and is one of the healthiest grains one can consume! This ancient grain is made from Durum wheat that is parboiled in water, sun-dried and milled into distinct grain sizes. Krinos Extra Fine Bulgur (#0 - Çig Köftelik) is the finest-grained yellow bulgur available and a wonderful culinary ingredient for soups, meatballs, salads, breads and desserts. For a wonderful roasted beet salad: dice roasted beets, add cooked bulgur, top with feta cheese and pistachios or walnuts and serve with balsamic vinaigrette. Extra fine bulgur can be used in the classic Middle Eastern salad, tabbouleh, made with lots of chopped parsley and diced tomatoes, onions, salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Because bulgur is already cooked, all you need to do for cold salad preparations is to soak the grains in warm water before using them. To amplify the inherent nuttiness of this delicious “supergrain,” for a hot side dish or one-pot meal: pan sauté the bulgur in olive oil or butter for 3 to 5 minutes and add your cooking stock and aromatics. Krinos Extra Fine Bulgur has a significantly lower glycemic index than pasta or rice, making it a great grain for diabetics. Rich in fiber, antioxidants and protein, bulgur helps with satiety, heart health and anemia. This light and nutty grain also helps to balance the body’s pH and is a good source of manganese, b vitamins, folic acid, iron and magnesium. The next time you’re looking to make a salad, side dish, meatballs or dessert, Krinos Extra Fine Bulgur may be the bulgur for you! Because bulgur is a wheat product, it is a great grain for diabetics, vegans and vegetarians, but not recommended for anyone with Celiac Disease or with a gluten intolerance.

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  • Turkish

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