Nefis Durum Cig Kofte (Vegan Kofteh) 1lb

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Nefis Durum Cig Kofte (Vegan Kofteh) 1lb is under the category Ready To Eat and is produced by Nefis.

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Materials :


½ (Half)  Kg. Of Fine Bulghur

2 Nectarine Onions

2 Cloves Of Garlic

3 Table spoons Of Tomato Paste

4 Table spoons Of Pepper Paste

3 Table spoons Of Oil

3 Tea spoons Of Salt

2 Tea spoons Of Chili Peppers

2 Tea spoons Ground Pepper

 ½ (Half) Table spoon Bitter Isot

1 Bunch Of Parsley



To prepare cigkofte, knead it well by adding bulghur and tomato paste into the specially sold cigkofte tray. After reaching a soft consistency, continue kneading by adding water gradually.

If you put a lot of water in bulgur, bulgur will not swell and you should pay attention to this.

After the bulgur turns to tomato paste, add salt, chili pepper, parsley, oil, isot and pepper paste and mix them together.

If bulgur dries, you can soften it with a small amount of water. Since kneading will tire you, it will be healthier to do it slowly.

After the bulghur  are softened, knead the onions until they disappear by adding parsley and finely chopped onions.

Do not chop onions with a food processor or blender. With a thin-tipped blade, you can chop thinly on the board very comfortably.

Since the water of the onion will give a raw taste to the raw meatballs, the water of the onions will not come out when you cut it by hand.

The onions in çiğköfte will be ready after they disappear from the eye.

You can tear off small pieces and squeeze them with your palm and place them on the serving plate.

Country of Origin:
  • Turkish