Tahsildaroglu Knitted Cheese (Orgu)250g Tub

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Explore and buy Tahsildaroglu Knitted Cheese (Orgu)250g Tub here at the online Turkish store TurkishGrocery.com - at a bargain price of 6.25 $.

Tahsildaroglu Knitted Cheese (Orgu)250g Tub is under the category Cheese and is produced by Tahsildaroglu.

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Eating cheese begins at breakfast in most Turkish households, where it is often the main course. “Orgu,“or Knitted Cheese, is one those staple breakfast cheeses. Slightly salty and moist, and with a dense texture, Knitted Cheese is made from cow’s milk. With a signature shape like a braid that you pull apart before eating, it’s a favorite for children and a great addition to a lunch box. Enjoy TAHSILDAROGLU Knitted Cheese any time of day as a healthy snack or addition to any kind of salad.

Pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese rennet, starter culture, stabilizer and salt.

Country of Origin:
  • Turkish

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