Tahsildaroglu Fresh (Taze) Kashkaval 500g

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Explore and buy Tahsildaroglu Fresh (Taze) Kashkaval 500g here at the online Turkish store TurkishGrocery.com - at a bargain price of 13.25 $.

Tahsildaroglu Fresh (Taze) Kashkaval 500g is under the category Cheese and is produced by Tahsildaroglu.

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Known as the “Cheddar cheese of the Balkans," Kashkaval is a pantry favorite in much of the Mediterranean and in Eastern Europe. Tahsildaroglu Piknik Kasar Peyniri is a fresh kashkaval cheese made with cow’s milk. A yellow cheese with a delicate salty, nutty flavor, Kasar Peyniri is a breakfast staple on toast and popular with children and adults alike. Serve as a table cheese or enjoy in omelets.

Pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese rennet, salt.

Country of Origin:
  • Turkish

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